Dr. Jeffrey D. CurtisFormer Director, California Southern Baptist Convention

...engaged with appropriate use and thorough understanding of theology, psychology, sociology, communication, organizational systems and leadership concepts all with a biblical world view. Without the services of Paramount Leadership, our organization would not be well on its way to the Peak of Ministry effectiveness.

Taking Leadership to the Peak

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Staff/Candidate Selection Assessments provide leaders with an objective evaluation of the candidate’s ability to achieve peak performance. This feedback focuses on the candidate's strengths, behavioral characteristics, and potential limitations relative to the position in question. The executive or pastor receives a summary report, measuring the candidate’s behaviors consistent with the needs of the position.

Organizational Assessments provide leaders with an in-depth analysis of the church or company’s operational strengths and weaknesses, and its impact on future success. This diagnosis goes beyond surface symptoms and reveals the root issues threatening the organization’s potential to reach its peak. The organizational assessment prepares the way for creating your organization’s future. Leaders receive an extensive report containing an executive summary, an analysis of the data, its findings, and recommendations. Key leaders are provided with a live presentation interpreting the results and addressing pertinent questions.

Executive Coaching provides individualized consultation designed to enhance performance of new or experienced leaders. Coaching is ongoing and focused on the specific leadership needs of the leaders. It is used to help successful executives reach peak performance, and aims to improve specific developmental areas.

The executive receives professional critique and feedback using a variety of instruments to identify and help in the implementation of an action plan tailored to address their developmental needs.

Our Online Services

On-Line Services

Our interactive individual employee and organizational assessments deliver quality results, a quick turnaround and a user-friendly interface.

On-Line Organizational Assessment

Enables leaders to determine their specific organizational challenges and which particular Paramount Leadership resource best suits their needs.

On-Line Self-Assessments

Provides immediate feedback and assists in identifying leadership preferences and styles. Individuals discover the job or role that best suits their behavioral characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses.

The on-line assessment reveals the potential limitations of one’s leadership practices and its adverse impact on peak performance. Leaders receive preliminary feedback revealing how they can benefit from the resources of Paramount Leadership

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