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"How to Avoid the Malpractice of Ministry: Modern Medicine for Ministry in a Postpandemic Era"

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How to Avoid the Malpractice of Ministry
by Dr. Jerome King, hear from the author

In How to Avoid the Malpractice of Ministry, author Dr. Jerome King offers insight into ministering in the post pandemic era without compromising the Great Commission, delving into purpose-driven church pre-pandemic and post pandemic.

Using the metaphor of malpractices in the medical profession and lessons learned in the pandemic, King combines organizational leadership and biblical scholarship to deliver the resource churches need to transform ministries for the new era.

How to Avoid the Malpractice of Ministry journeys through the process, from identifying symptoms and diagnosing ministry problems to incorporating proven measures with promising outcomes.

It urges churches to avoid the malpractice of ministry by taking proactive steps without compromising the church. King shows the best approach to ministry is based on the prayerful implementation of biblical integrity, sound organizational theory, and responsible ministry practice.

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Dr. Jerome King
Dr. Jerome King has more than 30 years in ministry and leadership experience, having served as a denominational leader, executive vice president of Luther Rice seminary, professor of leadership, church consultant, and a senior pastor. He is an Air Force veteran with two doctorates in his field, a doctorate in ministry, and a PhD in organizational leadership.

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